Model railroad control software

Free and open source, for Windows and Linux

What is Traintastic?

Traintastic is a client/server software application to control a model railroad. One PC controls the model railroad layout, multiple other PCs can be used to view what is happening. It is in an early stage of development, it contains limited functionality.

What can it do

Traintastic is under active development its functionality is limited. Features currently implemented:

The latest stable release can be found at the download page. For testing the latest features there are developments builds available for testing.

Project goal

Bringing your model railroad to life with an easy to learn app. The multilingual software will run on Windows/Linux/macOS and can be extended by experienced users using scripting.

Supported hardware

Currently supported interfaces/command stations:

The project goal is to support all commonly available hardware and some DIY hardware products.

Free and open source

Traintastic is developed under the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPLv2). It is free of charge for anyone to use, even commercially. The source code of the software is freely available and may be modified as long as the license is respected.

The source code and license can be found at Traintastic's GitHub page.